About Neosem Technology Inc (Formerly Tanisys-Flexstar Technology)


“Neosem Technology” (Formerly  Tanisys-Flexstar Technology) provides products and services that consistently meet or exceed our customers expectations.”

Neosem Technology Inc (Formerly Tanisys Technology) is a world wide leader in the design, sales and support of high performance, cost effective SSD and Flash Memory test equipment for both engineering and production applications.

A privately held company originally founded in 1992, Neosem Technology is a U.S. subsidiary of Korea-headquartered Neosem Corporation (www.neosem.com).  Neosem is a distributor for semiconductor fab equipment services as well as Semiconductor Test Automation software.  Neosem is also a manufacturer and distributor of semiconductor IC test equipment and environmental temperature chambers.

Neosem Technology(formerly Tanisys) has a long history of designing Flash and SSD test systems. After merging with the Austin based company Dark Horse in 1996, the new company leveraged its combined technology portfolio into launching a new series of DRAM, Flash and Flash Card test systems. Ultimately these technologies and platforms led to the new generation of Flash and SSD test systems that Tanisys Technology offers today.

Based in San Jose CA & Austin Texas, Neosem Technology today offers a broad range of SSD and Flash Memory test products for both engineering and manufacturing applications. We deliver functional test systems integrated with environmental chambers when thermal stress and life testing of semiconductor products is required. Neosem Technology has installed thousands of systems worldwide and has products operating in over 15 countries.

Neosem Technology engineering, marketing, customer support, and US sales operations is located at our US headquarters,Sales branch located at San Jose California. Neosem Technology have local FAE and Field Service engineers supporting Shanghai /Suzhou in China,Korea,Taiwan and Malaysia. Neosem Technology  is supported by professional Representative in Japan.

All Manufacturing for our test systems and thermal chambers is provided by NEOSEM Inc located in South Korea.

Neosem Inc ( HQ) : 12-26, Simindaero327beongil, Dongan-gu Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do South Korea , Phone : 82-31-8091-880

Neosem Technology (Austin, TX) : 11001 Lakeline Blvd, Building 1, Suite 150 , Austin TX 78717 , Phone : (512)-257-5000

Neosem Technology (San Jose,CA) : 1965 Concourse Drive, San Jose CA 95131 , Phone :(408)-643-7000

Neosem Technology (Longmont,CO) : 1851 Lefthand Circle, Longmont CO 80501 , Phone :(408)-643-700

Neosem China : Room 2FB8, Ping Jiang Xin Cheng Fu Wudasha, No 1001,Ping Long Rd,Ping Jian District,Suzhou,Jiansu PRC ,Phone 86-512-6757-7107

Neosem ASIA Pte Ltd : 20 Maxwell Road #,11-02 Maxwell House Singapore ,Phone +65-64015724

Neosem Representative  : Infinite Solutions Inc (Japan) : 8F ,Chiba-Daiei Bldg 1-14-13 Fujimi Chiba-shi, Chiba 260-0015 ,Phone 81-43-382-9563


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Neosem Technology (Austin)
11001 Lakeline Blvd.,
Bldg I, Suite 150
Austin, TX 78717
(512) 257-5000

Neosem Technology (San Jose)
1965 Concourse Dr.,
San Jose, CA 95131
(408) 643-7000