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Neosem Technoloogy is a worldwide supplier of Test systems for burning-in and testing Solid State Drive(SSD) & FLASH Memory Devices.The SXBI SSD Test system can effectively burn-in and functionally test complex SSDs, such as SATA,SAS, PCIe ,NVMe and AHCI.


Neosem provides a comprehensive line of environmental SSD chambers that are ideally suited for both laboratory and volume manufacturing applications. Engineered and built to provide long-term value and reliability for your environmental testing needs, our chambers are designed to manage airflow while maintaining accurate temperature gradients.

Our SSD test chambers are available as stand-alone systems, with optional multiple temperature zones, each with independent thermal controller systems. Our chambers can be configured to include Device Power Supplies (DPS’s) for Built In Self Test (BIST) applications, or our chambers can be fully integrated with SSD functional test systems for at-speed protocol testing (SAS 6G, SATA 12G, PCIe Gen-3) in engineering or volume manufacturing applications.

Enabled with our innovative “high density” technology, the NEOSEM SX series and F Series line of thermal management chambers is attractive for installations where space constraints require a smaller footprint in your lab or on your manufacturing floor.

SSD manufacturer have an immediate need for a test system that is able to test SSDs as standard generic drives, but to also test for unique SSD drive failure modes and attributes of the underlying solid state technology. Building on its more than two decades history of developing Memory testers, Neosem Technology is introducing a wide array of products designed specifically for SSDs.

SX3 Series Chamber Test System

Key Features and Options

  • Supports SSD BIST and SSD Functional Testing.
  • Support various SSD Protocol and Speed
  • Comprehensive library of production test scripts, specially designed for SSD drives.
  • Easy removal of SSD devices from Test boards
  • Damage‐proof insertion on Test boards
  • Easy to switch from SATA/SAS to PCIe (NVMe & AHCI) by quick change of Test board
  • Supports Neosem DNA3 integrated software platform.
  • Hot swappable test SSD devices.
  • Automatic detection of SSD devices.
  • Production Test floor efficiency


  • Factory production testing.
  • Qualification/Certification.
  • QA/Reliability testing.
  • SSD Device screening



SX3e-mc Mini Chamber

SX3-mc Mini Chamber



SX3-4t1z Chamber

SX3-4t1z Chamber


SX3-8t2z Chamber



F Series Chamber Test System

F-60B Production Test System

The F-60B is a high-density system with a small footprint that can be configured for SSD or PCIe devices. The system utilizes Neosem’s robust Andromeda operating software platform with a comprehensive library of standard tests.


The F-60B production test system is designed to be a highly parallel, high performance and scalable test solution supporting low cost of ownership (LCOE) for SSD Products. The F-60B production test system supports a large number of SSD drives to be tested in parallel at their highest speeds. The systems flexibility and scalability allows multiples of sixty-four (64) SSD Drives of any Package/Protocol Type to be tested in parallel. The F-60B production test system use our revolutionary Carrier system to load the system for production test. With the numerous configurations and options available the F-60B is the right choice for applications such as Quality Assurance (QA), low volume ambient production test as well as for engineering lab environments. The F-60 Series is also available with a number of environmental chambers and material handlers to best fit your volume test and throughput needs.

F-60E Environmental SSD Test System


The F-60E SSD or PCIe environmental self-test system is based on the same platform and building blocks as Neosem’s field proven portfolio of full function test systems. It is optimized to run self-test routines from inside the device itself, power only applied, thereby allowing for a tester with greater port density, simplified operation and lower cost. This tester will start and manage the device tests and the environment temperature/humidity, as well as gather and organize test history and test results.

Enabled with our innovative “high density” technology, the Neosem line of thermal management chambers is attractive for installations where space constraints require a smaller footprint in your lab or on your manufacturing floor.

For more information on our line-up of Thermal Management Chambers and Systems please contact Neosem Technology

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