Diablo Technologies announced the launch of DDR4 Flash Module

Posted by on Friday, August 7th, 2015 in SSD NEWs

Diablo Technologies announced the launch of Memory1™, the first all-flash server system memory technology that rewrites the rules of datacenter performance and economics. The revolutionary technology packs four times the capacity of the largest DRAM modules, delivering greater capability on fewer servers and lowering datacenter costs by up to 70 percent.

The same system memory slots that now hold 128 or 384 gigabytes of DRAM memory can house up to four terabytes of Memory1 and process data-intensive applications that were previously beyond reach. These efficiencies are driven by Diablo’s breakthrough in memory design, which replaces expensive DRAM with low cost, high capacity flash, while delivering the performance an enterprise demands. Memory1 is deployed into standard DDR4 DIMM slots and is compatible with standard motherboards, servers, operating systems and applications. Memory1 is shipping now to select customers and will be broadly available this fall.

“Memory1 represents a major evolution in server architecture. The needs of the large-scale datacenter are changing, with a very sharp focus on increasing capability to win the Internet while managing tight constraints on cost and power. The Memory1 platform allows customers to leverage NAND flash as pure system memory in a seamless manner, with no changes to their hardware and software stacks,” said Riccardo Badalone, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Diablo Technologies.

“The business impact on datacenter economics and application performance is dramatic. We’ve seen customers envisioning everything from aggressive server consolidation all the way to doubling and tripling individual machine profit. The implications of this technology cannot be overstated.”

Jeff Janukowicz, Research Director for Solid State Drives and Enabling Technologies at IDC said, “The cloud, virtualization, big data and analytics are pressuring the infrastructure of many of today’s enterprise datacenters. Solutions such as Diablo’s Memory1, can accelerate application performance while bringing higher capacities, lower power and cooling costs, and reducing overall expenses compared to existing solutions. This will address the requirements of multiple enterprise market segments today as well as next generation datacenter designs.”

Memory1 brings the low cost and high capacity of flash to large-scale enterprise and datacenter customers. It is ideal for environments that require large memory footprints per server for workloads, such as big data analytics and complex Web applications. The average Memory1 use case enables a four-to-one server reduction, and one customer use case requires 90 percent fewer servers. Accordingly, Diablo will initially focus on delivering Memory1 to cloud and hyperscale datacenters, which stand to see significant economic benefits because of their scale.

Diablo will be showcasing Memory1 at Flash Memory Summit from August 11-13 in Santa Clara, California, booth #413: http://www.flashmemorysummit.com.

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