N3500 NAND Flash Chip Memory Tester


Lowest Cost of Test

The N3500 is Neosem Technology’s fourth generation memory test system.  Specifically designed for Flash Components and Flash Cards, the N3500 tester-on-a-board architecture targets the broadest range of DUT technologies in various form factors and packages.   Each Tester Board (or “Blade”) contains 288 I/O pins and 32 DPS supplies.  Up to 64 Blades populated in one test head can test over 2000 DUTs in parallel.   Neosem Technology’s high parallel DUT count architecture, combined with low capital cost, provides the absolute lowest  HVM cost of test.

Broadest Technology Coverage

ChipsThe N3500 Test System target technologies include ONFI 3.0 Devices, NAND, eNAND, SD Protocol Cards, MMC Protocol Cards, NOR, MRAM, FME, iNAND and MCP Hybrid Devices/Cards.  The N3500’s APG is configured for device-specific requirements at test program load-time, enabling the addition of new products as existing technologies evolve and new technologies emerge in the Flash market space.  This APG architectural approach also enables the N3500 to address non-advertised, proprietary, and custom product types.

Turnkey Integration Solutions

Neoem Technology has a long history of partnering with handler companies to provide turnkey interfacing solutions.  Neosem has worked with virtually all handler companies to deliver integrated test cells.  Customers have several options when it comes to mating the N3500 test system with handlers.



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