Neosem Technology ships 4th Generation PCIe SSD Production Tester

Posted by on Friday, December 16th, 2016 in SSD TESTING

Neosem Technology Inc  is proud to announce the latest 4th generation PCIe SSD Test Solution.

The SX4-t SSD tester series is a new platform dedicated to test PCIe 2.0, PCIe 3.0,AHCI, NVMe, SATA 3/6GBs & SAS 3/6/12GBs with a quick change of Test Boards.

The Neosem SX4-t SSD Tester is designed to be a highly parallel, high performance and scalable test solutions for SSD products. The SX4-t Tester supports a large number of SSD drives to be tested in parallel at their highest bandwidth speeds.

With different Test Board ( TB) , the Neosem SX4-t tester can test any new protocols as it emerges and it fully supports Out-of -Band testing requirement. This features allow SSD Test Engineers with the ability to drive standard and proprietary DUT control signals for features such as DevSlp, firmware downloads and serial communications ( i.e SMBus,I2C,UART,etc)

Some of the Neosem SX4-t SSD Tester Key Features

– Support : PCIe 2.0 , PCIe 3.0, SATA 3/6 Gbs, SAS 3/6/12 Gbs, AHCI and NVMe
– Support Form Factors : Edge Card FHFL, FHHL, HHFL,HHHL
– Support Form Factors : 1.8″,1.5″,SFF/U.2 ,mSATA,AIC & M.2)
– Hot Plug Integrated removable Test Board
– Removable Tray System and Carrier System
– Test Up to 64 DUTs per Benchtop system
– Interface to Neosem HVM Production Chambers @ -10 to 85 C
– Integrates with Optional Oakgate Software


The Neosem SX4-t SSD test solution are targeted at the 1st Tier SSD manufacturers such as Intel,Samsung,SK Hynix, & WDC just to name afew.

The Neosem SX4-t SSD Tester is available for immediate ordering.

Call (512) 257-5000 or (408) 643-7000 for more information or visit

DOWNLOAD SX4-t SSD Tester Brochure (1MB)

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