Neosem to launch SX4e Environmental Mini SSD Chamber in Fall 2016

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Neosem Technology Inc, the leader in SSD test solutions is offering the company’s 4th generation SSD Test Chamber targeting PCIe solid state storage.

The Neosem SX4e-mc Environmental Mini-Chamber provides SSD testing over a wide temperature range in a compact tabletop chassis. Designed for SSD reliability and qualification environments, the SX4e‐mc combines the production-proven architecture of the Neosem SX4 SSD test system with a fully featured chamber that takes up just over 1 square meter of laboratory bench space for at-temperature testing of up to 32 drives at a time.

By utilizing the exact same SX3 tester hardware and software as our larger production chambers,  the SX4e‐mc allows seamless transition from your engineering lab for small batch reliability testing all the way to your factory floor for High Volume Manufacturing.  And like all of the Neosem Technology chamber system, the SX4e-mc also supports running the Storage Verification Framework (SVF) suite from OakGate Technologies,to provide industry leading RDT and life testing capabilities on up to 32 drives at a time.

Neosem SX4e MC

Neosem SX4e MC

At the heart of the SX4e-mc chamber is the Neosem SX4e+ test system, which combines two Core Processor and  Protocol Boards, with an Independent Device Power Board to support testing all of the current SSD protocols, and provides the flexibility to adapt to future test needs. The DNA3 system architecture and infrastructure assures distributed processing, no bandwidth loss, and no signal fidelity loss when scaling from the smallest engineering station to the largest HVM environmental chamber.

Neosem SX4e-mc system is a new platform dedicated to test PCIe 2.0, PCIe 3.0,AHCI, NVMe & SAS 3/6/12GBs with a quick change of Test Board ( TB) enable our customers to fully develop,debug and qualify test flows for SSD Development lab qualification or to perform as a QA test system.

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DOWNLOAD SX4e-MC Tester Brochure (1MB)

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