SSD Bench-Top Engineering and Production Tester

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SATA, SAS SSD Bench-Top Engineering Tester

Tanisys Technology offers Production and Engineering test systems designed for desktop and lab environments. Our engineering systems enable our customer’s to fully develop, debug and qualify test flows for production or to perform as a QA system. The functional hardware in our engineering test system is exactly the same as our production test hardware although with a limited number of sites. This allows test flow development to be generated on an engineering test system and then transferred directly to a production system — with no changes. It also supports our customers requirement to debug production related Issues on a much smaller platform. The size of our engineering configurations varies, typically ranging from four to sixteen DUTs.

The Tanisys SX2e SSD Engineering tester is a full featured Window 7 based system using an Intel i5 CPU Processor Blade system with one auxillary DUT power board can controlled up to 16 DUTs.


The Tanisys SX2 A powerful GUI (Graphical User Interface) allows the user to easily build and edit test scripts for complete test coverage of SATA/SAS & PCIe SSD’s.

SX2e SSD Tester Configurations:

The SX2e single system SSD tester is currently available in configurations to support up to 16 units of 2.5”, and 1.8” SATA & SAS devices and up to 16 units of 3.5” SATA & SAS devices. Other connectors such as the micro SATA, mini SATA, custom SATA connectors, PCIe NVMe and AHCI is available.

SSD Testing Functions:

•VCC and ICC margin testing
•Speed testing
•Read/Write Functional testing
•Parametric Test
•Dev Sleep Mode Test

SSD parametric tests include VCC and ICC margin testing. Speed tests include Read, Write speeds tests, both Sequential and Random with user selection of Block Size

SX2e SSD Tester Specifications:

SSD Interface
– SATA 1.5/3/6 GBs
– SAS 3/6 GBs
– PCIe 3 mulitple lanes ( 2, 4 & 8 Lane)

-SSD Form Factors 3.5”, 2.5”, 1.8”, Custom
-Target devices Up to 16
-ICC Measurement Tests Standby, Active (Dynamic), Power On
-ICC Measurement Ranges 1-2000 ma
-VCC Margin Testing (+/- 10%) for 3.3V, 5.0V, 12V rail
-Speed Tests R/W Functional Tests, Speed Tests
-Verify ID Drive Information Yes
-Low Level SSD Controller Initialization/Firmware Download
-SSD Duplication Yes
-Burn-In Test Support Yes
-Operating System : Window 7
-Network Interface 10/100/1000 Ethernet
-Multi User Support Operator, Supervisor ,Engineer
-Power Supply 50-60 Hz, 190 – 240V


Tanisys Product Line

For more information on our line-up of Thermal Management Chambers and Systems.

The Tanisys new SX3 SSD Burn-In Chamber System is available for delivery in Q2,2014

Call (512) 257-5000 for more information or visit

Founded in 1992, Tanisys Technology Inc develops, market, and support a family of high performance and cost effective SSD Storage and memory test system. Tanisys pioneered the first low cost ATE Class SSD tester in 2011. Since then, Tanisys SSD testers have become the standard for SSD and Flash manufacturing industry, holding more marketshare in SSD testers than any competitions.With its wide range of product lines of SSD and Flash Chip testers, Environmental Chambers and Automatic handlers, Tanisys is equipped to handle all aspects of SSD testing and manufacturing.

Tanisys has a comprehensive line of SSD testers ranging from the low-volume QA tester to the high-volume production testing.Tanisys headquarters in Austin, Texas, has direct offices in South Korea and global representatives strategically located in South East Asia,Taiwan,China.  



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