SSD Innovations

Neosem Technology (formerly Tanisys and Flexstar Technology) , the global leader in SSD and Flash Memory tester drives high volume manufacturing to new level. Neosem ‘s SSD and Flash Memory test systems are specifically designed for High Speed Protocol cards – targeting SSD products in various form factor.


Being at the top of one’s game sometimes means doing things differently than anyone else. Holding numerous patents specific to delivering innovative ways to address industry test needs, Neosem Technology continuously introduces differentiated tools to cost effectively solve tomorrows test challenges today.

Through the introduction of our innovative test architecture Neosem has developed a test system that addresses today’s highest performance SSD protocols for both engineering and manufacturing applications while providing a clear path for our customers to deal with their ever increasing future performance challenges with confidence.

By minimizing the use of costly proprietary components and leveraging off-the-shelf technology Neosem leads the industry in providing solutions that meets the requirements of testing high volume multi-site applications while at the same time supporting today’s  high-speed protocols and doing it cost effectively.

SX Series Test Board and Tray Concept

The SSD target products include SATA, SAS, PCie 3 , NVME, mSata,M.2  and AHCI SSDs.

SXBI Loader Station

The Neosem Test Board(TB) and Tray Concept is a revolutionary Test and Transportation Carrier concept. The TB is composed of an assembly of Signal and Power Boards contained with a mechanical frame that allow it to slide/plug into all Neosem Production System Platforms as well as, acting as a carrier of the SSD products from one test station to another.



The Tray is a custom injection molded plastic guide and hold system- for the SSD Drives to plug into the DUT connectors on the TB.Normally, a set of two (2) Trays are mounted on the top of the TB. Each TB may hold up to sixty four (64) SSD product to be tested in parallel or move from one test station to another. One way of summarizing it might be : A Larger, Movable-Across-Platforms, Efficiently designed version of the Traditional DUT Boards.

Integrated SSD Design Validation Test Platform Concept

oakgate_neosemProduct validation is a critical component of the development process. A robust product validation platform ensures functional integrity of the product and helps uncover bugs before the product is released. With its ability to generate high performance traffic, its extensive error injection capabilities and its ability to check data integrity; OakGate’s Storage Verification Framework (SVF) and Neosem Integrated Hardware/Chamber system provides a powerful platform for product validation.

The Neosem SX3/SX4-OGT test platform combines OakGate’s highly respected test, validation and bench-marking software suite with Neosem’s newly released SX3/SX4 tester and proven environmental chamber technology.

Traffic Generation -creates complex, comprehensive traffic with ease

OakGate products incorporate the industry’s most comprehensive traffic generation capabilities. OakGate’s SVF Controller software allows the user to generate high performance, complex traffic and exercise maximum control of workloads.




The SX3/SX4-OGT Combines advanced Solid State Drive (SSD)test hardware, software and environmental chamber into a single platform; supports all popular storage interfaces and protocols.

IO Traffic and Error Injection

Mix and match any combination of normal IO traffic and extra traffic, all while injecting errors. And, it’s as easy to configure as moving the traffic sliders to the desired levels. In addition, each of these main traffic types can be configured further, providing full flexibility to the user for achieving the exact combination of detailed traffic that is needed.


The Neosem’s SX3/SX4-OGT test system supports all popular storage interfaces including PCIe, SAS and SATA. The SX3/SX4-OGT also supports fast emerging protocols such as NVMe and AHCI. The SX3/Sx4-OGT is available in bench top configuration for engineering applications and with multiple burn-in chambers for production.


If you would like to hear first hand how we accomplish this at Neosem Technology and what we can do to address your Flash or SSD test needs contact us today.

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