New SX3e+ Engineering Tester for SSD QA Labs

Posted by on Friday, August 7th, 2015 in SSD TESTING

Tanisys Technology Inc, the leader in SSD test solutions is offering the company ’s 3rd generation Engineering SSD Test platform for PCie,SAS & SATA SSDs.


The SX3e+ is Tanisys Technology’s third generation SSD test system.Designed for SSD test from the ground up, the SX3e+ is optimized to meet the rapidly evolving requirements in the SSD market space.The unique architecture of the SX3e+ provides the flexibility to test all current SSD protocols – and – easily adapts to the addition of new protocols as they emerge.

In addition to complete protocol testing,the SX3e also fully supports testing Out-of-Band signal (DevSlp, WAKE,CLKREQ,…) requirements and serial communications standards, such as for SMBus, UART, and others. The SX3e+ also supports running the Storage Verification Framework (SVF) suite from OakGate Technologies.

Tanisys SX3e+ SSD Tester is a new platform dedicated to test PCIe 3.0,AHCI, NVMe & SAS 3/6/12GBs with a quick change of Test Board (TB) enable our customers to fully develop,debug and qualify test flows for mass production or to perform as a QA and Validation test system. Tanisys Technology has been shipping the SX3e+ SSD Tester PCIe platforms with NVMe and AHCI support to customers worldwide since the middle part of this year.

Call (512) 257-5000 for more information on the SX3e+ Test System

Founded in 1992, Tanisys Technology Inc develops, market, and support a family of high performance and cost effective SSD Storage and memory test system. Tanisys pioneered the first low cost ATE Class SSD tester in 2009. Since then, Tanisys SSD testers have become the standard for SSD and Flash manufacturing industry, holding more marketshare in SSD testers than any competitions.With its wide range of product lines of SSD and Flash Chip testers, Environmental Chambers and Automatic handlers, Tanisys is equipped to handle all aspects of SSD testing and manufacturing.Tanisys has a comprehensive line of SSD testers ranging from the low-volume QA tester to the high-volume production testing.

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