SSD BIST “Self Test” System

Low-Cost Versatility

The SXBI is Neosem Technology’s SSD Burn-In and Self Test system. Designed for SSD test from the ground up, the SXBI is optimized to meet the rapidly evolv ing requirements in the SSD market space. The SXBI’s unique architecture enables the addition of new protocols as they emerge – and the concurrent test of multiple protocols and DUT form factors within the same system.


SSD Self Test “BIST” System

In addition to complete protocol testing, the SXBI also fully supports Out-of-Band testing requirements. This provides test engineers with the ability to drive standard and proprietary DUT control signals for features such as DevSlp, firmware downloads, and serial communications (i.e. SMBus, I 2C, UART, etc.)

Maximum Scalability

Neosem engineered the SXBI for maximum scalability. The architecture’s basic components (Core Processor Boards, Protocol Boards, and DUT Power Boards) are repeated to offer the broadest range of parallelism . System layout and infrastructure assures distributed processing, no bandwidth loss, and no signal fidelity loss when scaling from the smallest engineering station to the largest HVM environmental chamber.


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