Tanisys to launch PCie SSD Hybrid Production Test Chamber

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Tanisys to launch PCie SSD Hybrid Production Test Chamber

PCIe SSD Hybrid Production Test System

Burn-in Solution for

Production ▪ Qualification ▪ QA ▪ SSD Device Screening

The growing adoption of the new PCIe SSD drive technology, unprecedented Low latency and high densities, are factors that requires from Tanisys Technology to continually reinvent its SSD storage test systems in order to stay ahead of industry needs.

SSD manufacturer has an immediate need for a test system that is able to test SSDs as standard generic drives, but to also test for unique SSD drive failure modes and attributes of the underlying solid state technology. Building on its more than two decades history of developing Memory testers, Tanisys Technology is introducing a wide array of products designed specifically for SSDs.

SX3 SSD Hybrid Test System















Key Features and Options

  • Supports SSD Burn-IN and SSD Functional Testing within the same Hybrid Chamber.
  • Support various SSD Protocol and Speed
  • Comprehensive library of production test scripts, specially designed for SSD drives.
  • Easy removal of SSD devices from Test boards
  • Damage‐proof insertion on Test boards
  • Easy to switch from PCIe to SATA/SAS by quick change of Test board
  • Supports Tanisys DNA2 integrated software platform.
  • Hot swappable test SSD devices.
  • Automatic detection of SSD devices.
  • Production Test floor efficiency

DNA3 Software

  • Intuitive script programming  for developing test routines.
  • Extensive API for user-defined plug-ins.
  • Extensive library of test routines.
  • Easy to navigate GUI
  • User friendly management tools


  • Factory production testing.
  • Qualification/Certification.
  • QA/Reliability testing.
  • SSD Device screening

Tanisys System Description

SX3-t Architecture

This Tanisys SX3 Hybrid test system is based on a high density system footprint that can accommodate a minimum of 128 devices (DUTs) up to 1024 SSD devices. Industry standard PCIe‐bus interfaces are supported. As new generations of interfaces and protocols are defined, Tanisys will be ready with upgrade options to keep the system future‐proof. This tester supports the robust Tanisys ‘s DNA2 test‐software platform with a comprehensive library of standard tests, while allowing user-defined and user-developed test scripts through a provided script development platform. Many options are available to support test needs tailored to customer requirements.












Test Options

  • SSD Device Read/Write
  • Power margining.
  • Current measurement
  • Power Cycling
  • Controller firmware download
  • Full Protocol Functional Testing

Environmental Chamber and Burn-In System

This tester can be delivered as an environmental chamber system, the Tanisys Hybrid Chamber, to support low temperature and humidity testing. The capacity, footprint, and power requirements of the Tanisys environmental system will vary from those of the Tanisys burn-in system.

Zone 4

  • Temperature range – 45°C to +85°C
  • Ramp rate – 1°C/minute
  • Four Temperature zone
  • Power Cycling
  • UART/SMBUS/Serial Communication support
  • DUT Temperature monitoring
  • Power current measurement

The Tanisys new SX3 SSD Hybrid Burn-In Chamber System is available for delivery.

Call (512) 257-5000 for more information or visit www.ssdtester.com



Founded in 1992, Tanisys Technology Inc develops, market, and support a family of high performance and cost effective SSD Storage and memory test system. Tanisys pioneered the first low cost ATE Class SSD tester in 2011. Since then, Tanisys SSD testers have become the standard for SSD and Flash manufacturing industry, holding more marketshare in SSD testers than any competitions.With its wide range of product lines of SSD and Flash Chip testers, Environmental Chambers and Automatic handlers, Tanisys is equipped to handle all aspects of SSD testing and manufacturing.

Tanisys has a comprehensive line of SSD testers ranging from the low-volume QA tester to the high-volume production testing.Tanisys headquarters in Austin, Texas, has direct offices in South Korea and global representatives strategically located in South East Asia,Taiwan,China.  

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