Tanisys ‘s SSD Tester to support OakGate Software

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Tanisys ‘s  SSD Tester to support Oakgate Software SX3-OGT-Screen2

Tanisys Technology Inc a worldwide leader in the design, sales and support of high performance, cost effective SSD and Flash Memory test equipment  and OakGate Technology, the industry leader in advanced, high performance storage test appliances offers the Flash storage industry’s first fully integrated test solution. The Tanisys SX3-OGT is a single platform combines OakGate’s highly respected test, validation and bench-marking software suite with Tanisys’s newly released SX3 tester and proven environmental chamber technology. The SX3-OGT provides a unified set of tools from engineering development through pre-production testing and beyond. SX3-OGT-Concept Tanisys SX3-OGT SSD tester  is a new platform dedicated to test PCIe 2.0, PCIe 3.0,AHCI, NVMe, SATA 3/6GBs & SAS 3/6/12GBs with a quick change of Test Boards.

SX3-OGT Tester

SX3-OGT Tester

Tanisys SX3 SSD Tester Key Features :

– Support : PCIe 2.0 , PCIe 3.0, SATA 3/6 Gbs, SAS 3/6/12 Gbs, AHCI and NVMe – Support Form Factors : Edge Card FHFL, FHHL, HHFL,HHHL – Support Form Factors : 1.8″,1.5″,SFF,mSATA & NGFF(M.2) – Hot Plug Integrated removable Test Board – Removable Tray System and Carrier System – Test Up to 1024 DUTs – Interface to Tanisys Production Chambers @ -40 to 85 C

SX3-OGT Integrated Test Platform feature:

– Qualification/Quality Assurance – Reliability Demonstration Test (RDT), Life Test (LT), On-going Reliability Test (ORT) – Supports PCIe plug-in cards, SFF 8639 drives and 6/12G SAS & 6G SATA drives – Environmental Chamber/Temp Cycling , Temperature range: -10oC to 85oC, fast temp ramp rates – Extensive Error Tracking, Error Logging, Failure Analysis & Debug . – Errors can be readily duplicated and correlated with OakGate systems deployed in development/engineering – High end X86 based system running powerful OakGate/Tanisys controller software (“SX3-OGT”) that combines comprehensive protocol and system level testing into single insertion – User friendly GUI and intuitive API for custom test scripts – Comprehensive library of automated tests SX3-OGT-Screen




Watch the SX3-OGT Demo

The Tanisys SX3-OGT SSD test solution is targeted at the 1st Tier SSD manufacturers such as Intel, Micron, Samsung, SK Hynix, Sandisk, HGST,Seagate,WD and more. The Tanisys SX3-OGT SSD Tester is available for immediate ordering. Call (512) 257-5000 for more information or visit www.ssdtester.com


Founded in 1992, Tanisys Technology Inc develops, market, and support a family of high performance and cost effective SSD Storage and Flash memory test system. Tanisys pioneered the first low cost ATE Class SSD tester in 2011. Since then, Tanisys SSD testers have become the standard for SSD and Flash manufacturing industry, holding more marketshare in SSD testers than any competitions. With its wide range of product lines of SSD and Flash Chip testers, Enviromental Chambers and Automatic handlers, Tanisys is equipped to handle all aspects of SSD testing and manufacturing.Tanisys has a comprehensive line of SSD testers ranging from the low-volume QA tester to the high-volume production testing.Tanisys headquarters in Austin, Texas, has direct offices in South Korea and global representatives strategically located in South East Asia,Taiwan and China. Tanisys Product Line

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