SX Series SATA & SAS SSD Tester

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Neosem Technology, a world-wide leader in Solid State Drive testing, is taking SSD engineering and high volume manufacturing test to a new level in functionality and performance. The SX3/SX4 SSD test system is specifically designed to meet the challenges of testing high speed protocol drives including: SAS/SATA 6 Gbps, SAS 12 Gbps and PCIe Gen 3.0 with multiple lanes. Enabled by the SX3/SX4’s scalable architecture, new protocols along with higher speeds will be added as these new requirements emerge. Neosem Technology understands that we need to support our customers proprietary designs and work closely with them to ensure a solution is available for our customers success.

SX3/SX4 Production Test System

The SX3/SX4 production test system is designed to be a highly parallel, high performance and scalable test solution supporting low cost of ownership (LCOE) for SSD Products. The SX3 production test system supports a large number of SSD drives to be tested in parallel at their highest speeds. The systems flexibility and scalability allows multiples of sixty-four (64) SSD Drives of any Package/Protocol Type to be tested in parallel. The SX3/SX4 production test system use our revolutionary TB and Tray system to load the system for production test. With the numerous configurations and options available the SX3/SX4 is the right choice for applications such as Quality Assurance (QA), low volume ambient production test as well as for engineering lab environments. The SX3 is also available with a number of environmental chambers and material handlers to best fit your volume test and throughput needs.


SX3/SX4 Engineering Test System

Neosem Technology offers engineering test systems designed for desktop and lab environments. Our engineering systems enable our customer’s to fully develop, debug and qualify test flows for production or to perform as a QA system. The functional hardware in our engineering test system is exactly the same as our production test hardware although with a limited number of sites. This allows test flow development to be generated on an engineering test system and then transferred directly to a production system — with no changes. It also supports our customers requirement to debug production related Issues on a much smaller platform. The size of our engineering configurations varies, typically ranging from four to sixteen DUTs.


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