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Neosem Technology Inc (Formerly Tanisys and Flexstar Technology) is a world wide leader in the design, sales and support of high performance, cost effective SSD and Flash Memory test equipment for both engineering and production applications. Neosem Technology Inc, has been a worldwide, leading provider of testing and measurement solutions for SSD and Flash memory manufacturers. Neosem  SSD test systems are used to conduct quality and reliability testing of storage related devices such as SATA,SAS SSDs and PCIe NVMe/AHCI SSD drives. Neosem SSD test systems is the de-facto industry standard for Flash storage drive testing, and are recognized as the industry’s Gold Standard for manufacturing reliability and Quality control testing. Neosem Technology offers a broad range of SSD testers,chambers and Flash Memory testers for both engineering and manufacturing applications.

SSD Production Tester


SX4-t with SAS support

Neosem integrated SSD test solutions include functional test systems and environmental chambers that support SAS 12G-6G, SATA 6G, and PCIe 3.0-2.0 SSD storage device full-speed testing, BIST testing, and Burn-in cycling. Neosem SX3 ’s rigorous SSD testing process ensures that your SSDs meet the highest industry standards for quality and reliability. Neosem offers a rigorous SSD Test solution featuring the “Distributed Network Architecture” ( DNA3), which provides a SSD engineers a building block for customizing a robust Test/Data Storage solutions.The DNA3 test software is designed to detect possible SSD device failures such as: write wear leveling, electronic component failures, read data retention and write endurance. Neosem SSD test software offers a comprehensive library of testing scripts which include: temperature and power cycling, multiple writes, voltage margining and 4-corner testing.

SSD Engineering Tester

Neosem Technology offers engineering test systems designed for desktop and lab environments. Our engineering systems enable our customer’s to fully develop, debug and qualify test flows for production or to perform as a QA system. The functional hardware in our engineering test system is exactly the same as our production test hardware although with a limited number of sites.

SX3e+ Engineering SSD Tester

SX4e+ Engineering SSD Tester

This allows test flow development to be generated on an engineering test system and then transferred directly to a production system — with no changes. It also supports our customers requirement to debug production related Issues on a much smaller platform. The size of our engineering configurations varies, typically ranging from 4 to 32 DUTs.

SSD Self-Test Burn-In Chamber


SSD Burn-In Chamber

Neosem’s complete line of Environmental, Burn-in and Bench-top systems can test anywhere from 16 SSDs to 1024 SSDs in a single load. The Neosem SSD Testers also offers an integrated Test board(TB) system which is a revolutionary transport and test carrier system. The test boards are hybrid assemblies of signal and power interface boards that are integrated into a durable framework. TB assembly are compatible with all Neoems SSD production tester.Production Chamber testing with integrated temperature control are combined with SX4/SX3 & SXBI testers to allow parallel testing of as many as 1024 SSD devices at -40 to +85 Degree C.

Integrated SSD Validation Test Platform

SX3-OGT-Screen2The Neosem SX4-OGT test platform combines OakGate’s highly respected test, validation and benchmarking software suite with Neosem’s newly released SX4 tester and proven environmental chamber technology.The Neosem’s SX4-OGT test system supports all popular storage interfaces including PCIe, SAS and SATA. The SX4-OGT also supports fast emerging protocols such as NVMe and AHCI. The SX4-OGT is available in bench top configuration for engineering applications (SX4e+ & SX4-t) and with multiple burn-in chambers.

Flash Memory Tester


M550 NAND Flash Memory Tester

The N3500 is Neosem Technology’s fourth generation memory test system. Specifically designed for Flash Components and Flash Cards, the N3500 tester-on-a-board architecture targets the broadest range of DUT technologies in various form factors and packages. Each Tester Board (or “Blade”) contains 288 I/O pins and 32 DPS supplies. Up to 64 Blades populated in one test head can test over 2000 DUTs in parallel. Neosem Technology’s high parallel DUT count architecture, combined with low capital cost, provides the absolute lowest HVM cost of test.The N3500 Test System target technologies include ONFI 3.0 Devices, NAND, eNAND, SD Protocol Cards, MMC Protocol Cards, NOR, MRAM, and MCP Hybrid Devices/Cards.

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